Helping people understand the community they live in.

Wave: A wave is a disturbance that propagates through space or time, often transferring energy. 

Our Mission at is create one manifestation of an open society where merchants, consumers, and the casual internet browser help each other understand and enjoy their community. To communicate ideas, thoughts, to share places, advice, good times, events, videos, and their favorite lists with all those who care to contribute as well. But to do so locally. In my town, in my neighborhood. To be good neighbors, with a common theme...

... to catch the endless wave ...

Growing up in Southern California has taught the cofounders a lot about communities. Los Angeles County alone is as large as the country Isreal, and yet has hundreds of niche areas that could keep the average man or woman enthralled with enough activities for a lifetime. Due to the advance of the internet, the world has suddenly gotten a lot smaller, and privacy has slowly taken a back seat in the name of safety. However, in times of change there is opportunity. The opporntuinty to act as one, as a whole, as a majority is upon us! Understanding your community is key. We hope you contribute and leave your mark on your town. Where you eat, where you play, what to look for.... Chances are, someone will appreciate the?waves you started.? 

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