Quiksilver Bowlrider 2007 WCS

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June 2007
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Malmo, SwedenThursday, June 07, 2007

Quiksilver Bowlriders 2007 WCS

June 7 th-10 th 2007 Malm Sweden

Europes biggest concrete skate park with the worlds bestskateboarders. The Quiksilver Bowlriders is a World Cup Skateboarding(WCS) competition that will be held at the Stapelbaddsparken in MalmSweden.

The worlds best concrete warriors return to Malm
Sinceits creation in Marseille 1999, The Quiksilver Bowlriders has forgedinternational recognition with the worlds elite skateboarders with itsinnovative format and remarkable hospitality .
The top seededworld cup ranked skateboarders will be on guard to maintain theirpositions against the next generation of national heroes.

Daniel Cardone (IT), Rune Glifberg (DMK), Alain Goikotxea (SP), OmarHassan (USA), Chris Senn (USA), Benji Gallaway (USA), Javier Mendizabal(SP), and Ross McGouran (UK) - to name a few - will face thirteenwildcards from around the world, that have earned the chance to provethemselves amongst the worlds elite.

Afterseven years of American domination and for the first time in thehistory of the Quiksilver Bowlriders, the Europeans completelyconquered the podium, last year; 1 st Daniel Cardone (Italy), 2 ndAlain Goikotxea (Spain) and 3 rd Rune Gilberg (Denmark).

The Lucky Thirteen Bowlrider Qualification Series.
Quiksilverinvites the winner of each National Bowlrider qualification competitionto the prestigious final in Malm . National heroes from all overEurope will have a chance to earn their place in the final. A series ofthirteen competitions to win an all expenses paid trip, and a shot totake home a part of the 35000 prize money.

Athens (Greece): March 31 st
Milano (Italy): April 7 th
Kortjik (Belgium): April 14 th
Leioa (Spain): April 21 st
Marseille (France): April 28 th
Lisbonne (Portugal): May 5 th
Prague (Czech Republic): May 12 th
London (UK): May 19 th
Seattle (USA): May 19 th
Hagen (Germany): May 26 th
Hard (Austria): May 27 th
Lausanne (Switzerland): June 2 nd
Malm (Sweden): June 7 th

NEW FOR 2007
Quiksilver invites the stars from the past to come and expressthemselves in a free for all style session. A demonstration from thelegends of skateboarding, The Masters session.
Quiksilver alsoinvites the fourteen and under generation to display the future of thesport and inspire the world . A preview of tomorrows talents.

The skatepark in Malm is one of Europes largest, with a surface area of 2,500 square metres.
Stefan Hauser from the USA designed it: "I'm very happy to have been apart of this project. I was given a lot of freedom, and together withthe local skaters, we were able to come up with a unique and creativedesign. This skatepark is one of a kind, skateboarders will come toMalm from all over the world to try it out". Stapelbaddsparken offers"an infinite choice of moves and lines" says Patrik Evander, skater andlocal hero. With its sweeping concrete shapes and bowls, it's averitable work of art. In this urban artistic creation, the competitorswill have to take it to the limit and beyond. Malm's demandingskatepark is a radical, technical and pioneering masterpiece, thatrequires total commitment.

Malmis situated in the south of Sweden, just 20 minutes from Copenhagen(Denmark), and stretches along the Baltic coast. At the heart ofEurope, this city of 270,000 inhabitants plays host to large numbers ofvisitors during the summer months.
With almost half of itsresidents aged under 35 and a broad spectrum of ethnic groups, Malmhas successfully built up an image as a dynamic, multi-ethnic city fullof opportunities. Malm won the prize forBest Youth Cityin Sweden in2006.

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