Orlando, Florida- January 12, 2007 Ned McMahon, General Manager for Homeblown's U.S. manufacturing plant in San Diego, CA announced the surf industry's first "green" surfboard blanks at Surf Expo last weekend. Homeblown US manufactures Biofoam blanks in which roughly 50% of the core ingredients are from agricultural products. Biofoam is produced by replacing the petroleum component of the foam with biomaterials converted from natural plant oils.

According to McMahon, "Until now, there has been no foam blank like Biofoam which is actually good for the environment. Surfboard makers have only focused on the longevity of their environmentally destructive polyurethane products. Biofoam represents the first... truly eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable" surfboard blank in the industry. A life cycle analysis of Biofoam indicates that its production results in 36% less global warming emissions and a 61% reduction in non-renewable energy use.

Biofoam is as light weight and as strong as any foam blank on the market and shapes as well as the polyurethane foam blanks. Biofoam, because of its nature, has a finer and more uniform cell structure compared to those made with petroleum base. The foam created from biomaterials also exhibits superior strength and flex.

Homeblown US is a sister company of Homeblown UK which developed a manufacturing process that allows its technology to be implemented wherever the market exists. This agenda is part of the "green philosophy" because the shipping of raw materials is 18 times more fuel efficient than shipping blanks. Homeblown worldwide is known for its aggressive pursuit of the ultimate Ecoboard in partnership with U.K. based Eden Project and Chuck Menzel of Wetsand, Inc. This product brings domestic alternatives to a segment of the surf industry which has never been environmentally sustainable.

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Homeblown US is ideally situated in San Diego in order to support the largest surfboard manufacturing base in the United States. In addition to manufacturing in the U.S., Homeblown has manufacturing plants in the U.K. and South Africa.

Ned McMahon
General Manager
Homeblown US
10326 Roselle Street #103
San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: (858) 587-2163
Fax: (858) 587-2581
Cell: (619) 519-0525
Chuck Menzel
4562 Westinghouse St.
Unit H
Ventura, CA 93003

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