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Mary Carmel OsborneMary Osborne


Private Surf Lessons available. If you or someone you know is looking to learn how to surf, you've came to the right place. Just email me for more info.

Summer is just around the corner and that means surf camps are opening. We offer thebasics, advanced and the professional techniques. Just email me for more specific info...Specific dates, times & locations coming soon!

Championlongboarder and tandem surfer Mary Osborne is a classic triple threat.Most widely known for winning the longboard division of MTVs SurfGirls, the pro surfer and surf model is also making her mark as a hostand personality.

Raisedby Solimar Beach in Ventura, Calif., Mary picked up her first board atthe age of 14. I got into it basically because I wanted to be betterthan the boys, she says, referring to her three older brothers who allsurf. I was supposed to be the ballerina. Around the time that Marystarted surfing, local surf shop owner and former pro surfer David Puuwas pursuing a new career as a photographer. They started workingtogether to create beautiful modeling and surf images, while Mary beganpromoting herself as a competitor by attending tradeshows, contactingcompanies and participating in several competitions. She quicklystarted garnering attention, and became the first woman to grace coverof The Surfer's Path, a popular European surf magazine, after Puu shotand submitted a photo.

Marysbig break came when MTV selected her out of 4,000 other young women tocompete on its reality series, Surf Girls, where she more than provedher skills by winning the longboard division. In 2003, she wasnominated for a Teen Choice Award as Best Female Athlete, and wasnamed the first Action Girl of the Year by Action Girl, Inc.
Mary has been featured in magazinessuch as Longboard, Surfing, Surfer, Surf News, Surfers Path, Wahine,Surfer, Surf Life for Women, Surfing Girl, Nalu, FHM, EntertainmentWeekly and Spin Magazine.She has also appeared as a host on Fox SportsNets 54321.

Maryco-authoredSister Surfer: A Womans Guide to Surfing with Bliss and Courage withKia Afcari, which was published by The Lyons Press in June 2005. Theinspirational how-to book guides women through the process of learninghow to surf, covering everything from how to conquer fear to how to waxa surfboard. Mary, who lives in Ventura, Calif., earned an associate'sdegree in liberal arts from Santa Barbara City College. She plans tocontinue pushing her surfingcareer.

sister surf book
SISTER SURFER ...If you would like to purchase the book, just
e-mail me for
directions. I will gladly help you get a copy and answer any questions you have about surfing.
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