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itunes.apple.com www.cdbaby.com itunes.apple.com www.cdbaby.com SORRY TO DISAPPOINT YOU NEW SCHOOL MOTHERFUCKERS BUT WE SAMPLED BETTY WRIGHT TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT" BACK IN '93 A LIL' BEFORE SHEEK LOUCH..OKAY OLD SCHOOL DUTCH TV PERFORMANCE FROM RALPH DOG BACK IN THE SUMMER OF '94 Here goes some fiction for the heads out thurrrr! Miss Teen usa aka Miss South Carolina could even understand that the Britney Spears is a Stargate alien from the planet Mars or maybe Venus. (I'm not sure) Lil Wayne and Rhianna also concur that these fellas blur the line of reality through art fatality. Mortal Kombat on you Wombats!!! Finish him for breakfast lunch and dinner to see who the winner is on who wants to me a millionare or even chamillionare. I found a billion google type candies worn by a sexy gal named Mandy. She was totally crazy and loved to listen to Swizz Beatz and even Snoop Dogg ! Here's my most favorite tale: One day I saw a cute fat kitten run amok. His name was John and he had a lil sister named Mary Ann Butt Crack and an even smaller sister named Suzy Asscrack. They went to the store to buy a crack rock for Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Oj Simpson. then Johnny Cochran stepped on Suzy and went to court with her parents. Meanwhile, the boy cat from around the corner who went to the same school where the Olsen Twins escaped with 2 girls and one cup, found some hardcore booty shake records from the 90's. He listened to the classic songs yet new they were disrespectful to women ...This item has been viewed 292 times.
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dude posted this yesterday!

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Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day
Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day
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Kite accident
Kite accident
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RIDE & STYLE extreme kite jumps 60ft. high super long hangtime...  HD
RIDE & STYLE extreme kite jumps 60ft...
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Waterglijbanen en de X-Stream onride in het Tikibad van Duinrell.
Waterglijbanen en de X-Stream onride...
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