FF7 Alexander Walkthrough

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READ FIRST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS!!!!! ~~Walktrough of how to get the Alexander Summon helpful if you dont understand written guides~~ Getting To The Hotsprings Videos Made By Me Now Posted in "Video Responces" FaQ's: Q.Can I Get Back Here After The First Visit? A.Yes You Can Get Back Here At Any Point After You Get The Highwind Or A Mountain Chocobo + Tiny Bronco (To Cross The Sea) Whichever Comes First Q. How Have You Editted The Game Music A. I Haven't it is a video edit over each battle scene Q. How do I get to the hot springs A. Quick Method - Use the map ..if you can find a landmark you can pretty much get there on your own. Slightly longer method - Faint (can take a while) When you wake up in the climbers hut exit the hut and walk away from the mountain. You will find yourself in the snow field walk as straight as you can away from where you started and you will exit the snow field on the path which takes you to the hot springs. Snow Board Method - (i will check this later) when snow boarding take the following route (at the junctions) Right then Right Again This should land you pretty close to the hotsprings *note* speed on the snowboard may effect where you "jump" to but im not sure Q. Does Tifa Need To Have That Particular Weapon Equipped For Me To Get Alexander A. No i equipped it because she was low on health and that particular weapon increases her attack power when shes low on health Q. I Got To The Cave But She Didn't Say What She Says In The Video, What ...This item has been viewed 233 times. Flag this Posting!Flag as inappropriate...

dude posted this Friday, October 05, 2018
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