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Wetsuit manufacturers use several different types of seams to join the different panels of neoprene together. There are four basic types: Flatlock, Sealed (also referred to as Glued and Blindstitched), Sealed & Cloth Taped, and Sealed and Liquid Taped Flatlock stitched seams are very durable and appropriate for water above 62 degrees F. You can often recognize these seams by their appearance they look like railroad tracks. The seams are also visible on the inside of the suit. Some water will trickle inside a suit with flatlock seams. Sealed seams incorporate glue to adhere the suit together. After glued, the suit is then blind stitched. This means the stitching goes half way through the material. This creates a more water tight seam and prevents cold water from coming inside your suit. The seams will not always be visible on the inside. Sealed with cloth taping adds one more feature for the previously mentioned sealed seam construction. On the inside of the suit, cloth is adhered along the seam line to prevent water from trickling in. Suits which feature taping are typically warmer and the suit will allow in only a small amount of water. Sealed seams with liquid taping incorporate more advanced technology to weld the seams. Liquid rubber is applied along the seams to provide an even more water tight seal than the cloth taping. This type of seam is the warmest, driest, and most expensive. Suits which have liquid taping can be considered semi-dry suits, as only the smallest ...This item has been viewed 295 times.
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