Aloha from Above - Drone-cam over Hawaii

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ouahu, hawaii
Published on Apr 29, 2014

Growing up in Hawaii, Eric Sterman fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and surfing. One day he saw a drone in Bali with a camera on it and something clicked. He set out to become the best surf-drone-cameraman around, and with 60k+ followers on Instagram, he is well on his way. His work has gone viral all across the Internet.

Vocativ sent producer Jesse Aizenstat to the North Shore of Oahu where caught up with Sterman as he flew is drone over the pipeline, capturing breathtaking surfing video. He showed how he works with renowned big-wave surfer Jamie O'Brien, who takes a GoPro into Hawaii's tubes, while Eric watches from above with his eye in the sky.

Recording quality aerial footage once required you to hire a pilot, rent a helicopter with expensive mounts and cameras, and was reserved only for productions with hefty budgets. Now, using a remote control aerial drone and miniature cameras, you can achieve similar results for a few hundred dollars, standing on the beach with your bare toes in the sand.

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