Magicseaweed Warmest Winter Wetsuits Guide

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We talk you through the warmest winter wetsuit's that we offer, explaining the features that will keep you warm and allow you to surf your best even in the coldest water. Here are some useful links so you can skip to the most interesting part of the video for you: Winter wetsuit common features explained: Super Stretchy Neoprene: 1:59 Glued & Blind Stitched Seams: 2:40 Single Lined Neoprene: 3:28 Fluffy Polypro Lining: 4:23 How the Seams Are Sealed: 5:27 Front Zip Entry System: 6:39 Specific details about individual wetsuits: 7:52 Billabong SG5 7mm: 8:04 C-Skins Wired 6mm: 10:21 Quiksilver Cypher Fuse Flex 5.5mm: 13:38 Rip Curl Flash Bomb Plus 6mm: 15:36 Roxy Cypher 5mm: 17:19 Xcel Infiniti 6mm: 18:32 Xcel Drylock Powerseam 5mm: 19:30 You can buy all of these wetsuits through the magicseaweed store, take a look at our hooded wetsuit page: The wetsuit size chart for all the brands that we stock at magicseaweed is here: If you have any questions about the wetsuits we stock at magicseaweed give us a call on 01548 854660 or send an e-mail to store@magicseaweed.comThis item has been viewed 242 times.
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dude posted this Wednesday, August 01, 2018

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