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malibu, california


This started out to be my first test with the Flycam Nano and I brought all my camera gear down to the beach to spend the sunny afternoon testing it out in the sandy conditions I'm so use to working in. The weather quickly changed with a heavy marine layer (wet fog) covering everything so basically blowing any "pretty" shots I could get, but I was still itching to try this stabilizer out. So when I saw my friend Jay Lightburne leaving the beach and carrying all his own gear as well as his girlfriend's stuff up to the car, I decided to give it a try. Now this wasn't the best conditions to try out the stabilizer, as I was also weighed down by all my camera stuff and a bag with a wetsuit and all my normal beach gear, but I just wanted to see if I could keep it steady.

So here's the walk to the 3rd point lot from the beach using a fully loaded up Flycam Nano with a Canon 7D and Sigma EX HSM 10-20 F4 + Hoya ND Filter an all 16 weights on the sled.

I call this clip "I Left My Stuff..." and it shows true love when your girl calls you to ask you to bring up her stuff to the car and you do it with a smile on your face but in the end it was worth it.

Note: I already can see the wobble and have been able to tweak out the balance and now it is soo much more stable and the wobble is gone. Next test will be a real one, but so far I'm liking the look that the stabilizer brings and I can see using it on some of my future shots to add some extra production value.


Dangvu Media

Jay Lightburn

Kinga Philipps

Andy Dangvu

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