"Me, my shark and I". My GoPro video by Chuck Patterson

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Stand up paddling with a new GoPro HD HERO camera (httt://ww.gopro.com) mounted on a 10 ft pole in search of getting video of the Great White shark at San Onofre state beach. I paddle out on my Hobie Stand up paddle board, 250 yards by myself and within minutes a shark surprised me with a swing of his tail, almost knocking me into the water. The shark swam away and another 7' shark appeared and circled my board off and on for 12 minutes. it was an insane experience which i hope to enjoy again soon. chuckpattersonsports.com chuckpattersonsports.wordpress.com eThis item has been viewed 188 times. Flag this Posting!Flag as inappropriate...

dude posted this Monday, January 07, 2019
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