Mountain Biking, walking in Austria (Zugspitze Arena)

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Our great Holiday in Lermoos Austria with amazing scenic lookouts, mountains like Zugspitze, Sonnenspitze and many more. In Zugspitze Arena u can find stunning crystal clear lakes, The greatest walking tracks, biking tracks, its a perfect ski/snowboard and other winter sports destination. Beautiful accommodation in Haus Bergfrieden and its balcony with a view over Zugspitze and Sonnenspitze mountain creates the right atmosphere. Please check this highlights from our holiday experience, if you have any questions let us know. thank you. Film making and editing by: AMcrew production Music by : DJ FAB song called ''March to victory'' Here is a link where you can buy/download his album www.jamendo.comThis item has been viewed 264 times.
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dude posted this yesterday!

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