The Best Mentawai Islands Surf Video from my drone, Phyllis. June 2014

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mentawai islands, indonesiaIn June of 2014, we spent 11 days surfing the Mentawai Islands. The conditions were perfect the entire trip with light offshore winds and plenty of swell to go around. I was able to capture some pretty interesting angles using Phyllis (name of my drone). Enjoy the highlights of our trip and experience the beauty of the Islands from above. Music by Mashti, Mapusa from the Album Danish Delights. The BirdThis item has been viewed 216 times.
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joeb posted this Thursday, July 26, 2018

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GoPro App: Control. View. Share.
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16.6 mi - mentawai islands, indo...
A video to save surfers from themselves.
A video to save surfers from themsel...
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21.3 mi - metawai islands
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